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Have Questions? We’ve got answers!

Process Overview

Choosing a Design

Choose a template from our GALLERY and once the purchase is complete you will be sent a link to the watermark free files in our Online Designer.

Customise the template

All our designs are pre-populated with text so its fast and simple to just change the wording however our Online Designer also has the capability for you to change colours, element positioning, fonts and sizes if you need to.


If you printing with us, upload your design on the ORDER PRINTING webpage and specify your envelope colour and card stock preferences. Otherwise download the high-res PDF with crop marks to print at home.

Step 1: Choosing a Design

Can I see my design before buying?

Yes we recommend it.

Click on the green “Try Demo” button next to every design. This will launch the Online Designer in demo mode. You will be able to try it out but not be able to save or download your wedding invitation.

How much will it cost?

Each template cost is US$15.

If you get the items printed with us it depend on the quantise you order. A printing price list is given on each design’s page.

How do I pay?

We use Stripe to process our payments and they accept most major credit cards.

Step 2: Customising

Are there any instructions for using the Online Designer?

Yes there are.

Each template has some “Seller’s Instructions” associated with it. Just hover your mouse over the template you want to edit in the template library and then click on the blue “Sellers Instructions” box that appears.

For general questions you can refer to the help section within the Online Designer.

Do I need any special software or fonts?

No you don’t.

The Online Designer is a web based application that will work on any modern browser. Unfortunately it will not work on mobile devices. All the fonts that you have access to are either free Google Fonts or fonts we have bought the required licence for you to use on our Online Designer.

I'm not a designer, is it difficult to get a beautiful design?

It’s super easy.

Each template is pre-populated with the images, colours and font choices pictured on the product pages. All you have to do is replace the ‘filler’ text with your own and you are good to go.

Can you do it all for me?

Yes we can.

If you wish, one of our designers will happily do it all for you. You can read about our designers and see their charges by CLICKING HERE.

Can I change the fonts and colours?

Yes you can.

While each design is pre-populated with text and graphics you are free to change fonts, colours and wording. You can upload your own pictures too if you want to or change the size, angle or position of any of the graphics.

Help! What colours should I choose?

That depends on what colours you like but remember some lighter colours are difficult to read if used as the colour for small text.

To read other tips and see some popular colour values go to our DESIGN ADVICE PAGE.

I need a second version of my invite. Is that possible?

Yes it is.

The best way to achieve this is to design one version first and download it so it’s ready to print. Return to the designer and make your second version. Download that too. If you have ordered printing with us you will need to email both versions to us when you let us know that the designs are ready to be printed.

How should I word my invitation?

Wording is up to you but traditionalists should read our Wording Page for samples of correct wording and learn about invitation etiquette.

How do I download my design?

You can download your design at any stage by clicking on the ‘download’ button within the customiser.

What are the best settings to use when downloading my design?

We recommend the following:

• Turn “Show Trim Marks” On. This allows you (and us) to trim accurately.

• Download PDF. This will keep the fonts perfect. The jpeg and png versions are less reliable.

• Turn on “Save Paper’. The Online Designer will fit as many templates onto a single A4 or US Letter sized paper as possible. if you just want the file downloaded and not placed onto any paper size leave this option off.

Step 3: Printing

Do I have to order the printing as well?

No you don’t.

You are free to pay the template design fee only then print at home or with another printer.

Do I have to order all the printing at once?

No you don’t.

Just order the items as and when you need them. If you are printing in stages – remember there is a US$10 setup fee per print order.

Can I print some items with this site and some items at home?

Yes you can.

We only print what you choose so just choose the items you want us to print when placing the print order.

How long does printing take?

We print in the USA. Please allow up to seven working days to print and then up to ten working days for delivery to NZ.

Can I have my guest's names printed on the invitations or envelopes?

No you can’t.

I’m afraid we don’t offer that service

What card stock is best?

All of our stock are a high quality and have been chosen by us because they print beautifully with our equipment. You can read about their difference by CLICKING HERE.

What envelope colours do you have?

We have over 100 different coloured envelopes that you can choose between – at no extra charge. To see the colours CLICK HERE

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do.

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