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Ray & Rachelle’s Informal Beach Wedding Invitation

Ray & Rachelle’s Informal Beach Wedding Invitation

The brief

You can tell by the cheesy grins on their faces and the fact they are swigging their wine straight from the bottle that these two are are a couple of fun-loving characters. Also, judging from the fact that they are both wearing woolen beanies, they aren’t afraid of a little windy weather. It’s obvious, even from this single photo – these two make a great couple.

The design

The invite forms a concertina. The first panel just features the text – “On this day I will marry my friend. The one who shares my dreams, life and love”. Inside reveals the aforementioned photo and the invite text. It’s a really simple design but works really well – mainly because of the photo they selected which naturally bleeds off into the white sky allowing plenty of uncluttered room for the text.

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